Teak Sea Azimuth T8 Speargun enclosed track

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THE HEAVY CALIBER Azimuth is available in a new more massive execution « Tropical 8mm », adapted to an exclusive use with a 5/16" spear and able to handle a 11/32" spear. As a matter of fact, if the 8mm spear can be occasionally used with Azimuth for reef hunting, the increased spear mass together with the additional thrust of the 4th rubber lead to significant recoil. Compared to an Azimuth of equivalent length, the T8 is both broader and higher at its base, leading to a mass increase of 30%, and is fitted with 4 x 16mm or 3 17,5mm rubbers of adapted length. This allows powerful and fast shots while maneuverability and recoil sensations remain close to the ones of Azimuth. This is the reasoned choice for Bluefin and yellowfin tuna as well as large cubera snapper and groupers, typically in tropical Atlantic, like West Africa and Brazil and Central America pacific coast, or the hunting of dogtooth tuna and giant trevally in Indo-Pacific waters. The T8 execution can be made for all Azimuth lengths but is recommended in 125cm, 135cm, 145cm.

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