About Us

American Dive Co was born from our passion of Diving and Spearfishing. Petros Yiannikouros PhD, Founder & CEO started spearfishing at age eight on the island of Cyprus. His first speargun was a borrowed pneumatic 40cm Seac Sub ASSO.The fish (mullets, sargo, Mediterranean sea bass) were abundant and easy to shoot but bigger fish would require a bigger gun. Petros saved enough to buy a 50cm ASSO - a gun he still owns to this day. A few years later he upgraded to a 90cm Picasso Century. After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry in 2001, Petros moved to the US to pursue his PhD at USC. In 2005, he joined the Los Angeles Fathomiers, a historic California spearfishing club; he maintains an active membership role as a sponsor and a competitive diver to this day. In September 2007, he created a spearfishing export company under the name Excelsior Group Inc in New York.

Activities of the company included the export of high-end American made spearfishing products to the European market. By the Spring of 2012, he used the export experience he gained to start importing and distribution of elite European brands such as Picasso, Bleutec, Meandros, and Pathos. His passion has been to share the knowledge of these lines with fellow spearfisherman and women here in America. Initially, the business revolved around carbon fins and European style guns and it slowly expanded to a full line of products by various European brands. Slowly the small California garage operation became the largest and most influential spearfishing and freediving distribution company in the US.  We proudly represent and manufacture some of the largest Diving companies in the world.

History & Vision

Our company materialized in September 2007 under the name Excelsior Group Inc in NY. At the beginning we were involved only with picking some of the best products in the US, mainly rubber and wooden spearguns, and exporting to Europe.

In March of 2012 we decided it was time to try the other way around, importing the best of Europe and sharing with fellow spearos here in the US. At first it was carbon fins and euro spearguns and slowly expanded to a full line of products by various manufacturers in Europe mainly Greece.

In December 2012 we finally took the big decision to convert our small garage operation to an online shop under the name American Dive Co.. We research, review, and evaluate various equipment throughout the world in order to deliver top notch products to our customers.We are a retailer and a wholesaler of top quality products and we have the capability and the connections to import any product our clients desire.

What you will find here besides your standard equipment is unique designs and technologies difficult for mass manufacturers to duplicate. We promise that our line of products will always be a step ahead.

Our sole purpose was, is, and will be to serve the American spearfishing community. Our clients' satisfaction will always be our top priority.

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