SpearPro Tectona Speargun

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The SpearPro Tectona Speargun is the most beautiful gun you will see in the market. We were able to combine intense curves and a slim body to be allow for perfect handling and maneuverability in the water. The ergonomics of this speargun were carefully designed to allow for the highest level of performance.

The handle is placed really high in the stock to eliminate muzzle flip. This is a feature that cannot be achieved with screw in handles or handles of the AR style.

The band slot is raised high enough to allow for the bands to be as close to the spear and as much in line with it as possible. 

The open track design will allow with much faster shots than any enclosed track design. The cuttlefish shaped design and the significant mass will limit significantly any recoil.


The speargun comes fully equipped with a 7.00mm sharkfin spear and 2 9/16 (14mm) bands.

The speargun length is measured the proper way which is the actual band stretch of the gun, That is from the end of the muzzle hole to the last sharkfin. Speargun available lengths are 80cm, 90cm, 100cm, 110cm, 120cm.

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