Meandros Trigger Mechanism R2 Pin roller trigger

  Mechanism type:    D.I.Y.  Reverse ,heavy duty.
    Material:     inox 316 marine type.
    Line release type:   Horizontal , automatic mechanical, ambidextrous.
    Support type:  3 vertical with screws and 1 horizontal with transverse axis.
    Level connection:   Medium, imperceptible sensitivity to large loads.
    Shaft compatibility:   European & American type.
    Installation:   Quite simple and easy. 
    Work profile:    Low ,17mm.
    Shaft hook :   PIN ROLLER SYSTEM.

 R 2   is a mid-size  D.I.Y.  type mechanism.

It is designed for easy, fast and simplistic placement in the body of the speargun and to avoid difficulties,  mistakes, failures and complicated placement procedures.

The innovation, the cartridge shape as well as the design, operation, assembly and mounting style have been established internationally to such an extent that competitors have imitated and followed this design.

Reversed, ergonomic design with high leverage for unaffected high load sensitivity, combined with robust, high quality construction with a low profile, increased durability with excellent usability and functionality.

The PIN ROLLER system has been designed and designed to bypass all common problems in the construction, use, longevity of existing complex and multi-sync systems that interfere with trigger sensitivity.

It offers reduced friction with zero wear at the point of contact with the bar but also distributes the load received from the bar at 3 points. Two contact points at the housing and one point at the hook which now accepts a small part of the pressure exerted and not 100% of it. The hook now has a much lower pressure at the point of contact with the trigger, with the result that the pressure exerted on the trigger to release the shaft is much less than a classic type reverse mechanism.  

This system gives us the advantage of simplifying the construction without compromises and sacrifices on the trigger sensitivity issue caused by the pressure load at the point of contact with the engagement hook and thus bypasses disadvantages of more complex systems with roller bearings contact with the trigger and with additional components used in the assembly and operation intended regarding the trigger sensitivity of the mechanism.

With (2 front & 1 rear) 3 vertical mounting points and 1 horizontal axis to the gun body, the process and precision of mounting are simplified and successfully achieved even by those with no special abilities and suitable professional equipment.
It cooperates with European & American type spear rods, with the possibility of clamped line in the tail of the shafts. The indentation at the back of the trigger gives elegance with minimal weight, is a patented visual feature point of our mechanisms.

The line release is horizontal, ambiguous and automatic mechanical, mounted on the mechanism, with no problems involved in release and rollback. It works on the inside of the rear of the mechanism and prevents incorrect positioning because it moves outside of the handle without weakening the profile and strength of the handle body.

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