BleuTec Maena Speargun Reel

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Vertical type reel Maena, high quality manufacture and operation marks a new point of reference.Monoblock drum, manufactured from high precision CNC with no seams, made from high quality polyacetal. This material ensures accuracy in dimensions, zero moisture absorption and resistance to harsh and prolonged use. Also because of it's self lubricant properties is particularly resistant to abrasion and pressure. Presents almost zero deterioration in several of rapidly unfolds, behavior that makes it ideal for hunting big game.The base of the reel is made of stainless steel 1.5mm thick, cut into Laser CNC and formed in special molds. It is designed to provide optimal robustness and very stable positioning on the gun or on the trigger guard.The Maena Reel tied to a single body with three spacers made of stainless steel. The result is a compact set with enormous resistance and ideal protection from the "coil loss" of rope.The movement lever is also made of stainless steel for superior resistance to hard use and protection specially in carying bags and generally in transportations.The Maena brake has ideal size for a clear sense, even with gloves. It is designed to allow the release of the drum by pulling the rope from the game or manually. The brake allows the use of the same rope to serves as safety so not to lose the reel if unscrewed accintentally.The design and manufacture of Maena is such that it allows rapid unfolding with minimal noise-free vibrations during rotation. The holes marked on the drum are reducing the overall weight and allows easy draining of water from the coiled rope.The size of Maena S allows the placement of 25 meters rope of 2mm thick to an ideal package.The size of Maena M allows the placement of 40 meters rope of 2mm thick to an ideal package.The size of Maena L allows the placement of 50 meters rope of 2mm thick to an ideal package.The size of Maena XL allows the placement of 70 meters rope of 2mm thick to an ideal package.

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