BleuTec King Cobra L.E. Polyspast Carbon Speargun (Invert Roller) 120cm

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BleuTec King Cobra L.E. Polyspast Carbon Speargun is one of a kind invert roller gun that has full bluewater capabilities. 

Incredible strength speed and agility in a weapon with unique aesthetics and quality of construction.
It is made of high quality composite materials, mainly carbon fiber and epoxy resins.
It was designed to be a high-powered weapon aimed at large game at medium to deep water
Body with special contoured shape for perfect movement in horizontal and vertical axis in combination with increased stiffness.
Low head profile that allows for quick change of position against fast game.
The mass distribution of the weapon brings the center of gravity of the weapon close to the palm, giving it perfect movement and recoil control.
The shape of the gun offers targeting speed. The bands are mounted in a position that allows for smooth, non noisy movements and maximum speed of decompression.
KING COBRA is known for its impact force and speed. It is aimed at the search for large game and long range shots mainly at medium and deep waters.

The gun is supplied with 3 bands 16mm Black Power, shaft Bleutec 8mm Diamond (faceted cross-section) with 3 shark fins from heat treated steel.

It is possible to change or adjust the setup of the weapon upon request

The carbon fiber products of Bleutec manufactured to order.

The gun length refers to the distance between the trigger guard and the band's hole.

The weapon is accompanied by a 5 year warranty on the body of the weapon and lifetime for the trigger mechanism.

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