Beuchat V-Twin Regulator YOKE

Exclusive Beuchat twin first stage design

  • 2 first stage systems integrated into the same body
  • Delivered with a second main stage and an octopus
  • Ideal for use on single-dive cylinders during travel
  • Lighter and more compact than 2 pressure reducers
  • First stage dedicated to the main regulator and another dedicated to the octopus and accessories
  • Procures the breathing performance of two separate first stages operating simultaneously
  • First stages with standard piston built to a simple and highly reliable design
  • Compensating second main stage
  • Venturi control
  • Flexible casing with the large purge button
  • Checked and adjusted individually on a specialized hyperbaric test bench

First stage

  • Standard piston mechanisms (not compensated)
  • Designed for greater dependability and easier maintenance
  • Composed of two regulator mechanisms integrated into a single body but operating independently
  • Ideal breathing performance in tropical exploration dives
  • First regulator unit (first mechanism) dedicated to the 2nd main stage and HP gauge
  • Second regulator unit (second mechanism) dedicated to the 2nd stage octopus and the Direct System vest balancing hose
  • Non-adjustable MP
  •  5 x  3/8 MP ports
  •  1 x  7/16 HP port
  • On First regulator unit (first mechanism) : 2  x 3/8 MP ports +  1 x 7/16 HP port
  • On Second regulator unit (second mechanism) : 3 x 3/8 MP ports
  • Optimized hose positioning
  • Ergonomic yoke screw
  • HP inlet cap
  • Soft-touch facings on covers
  • Super soft braided MP hose
  • Reduced weight for transport (two regulators in one)

Second main stage

  • Compensating valve regulator mechanism for a greater breathing comfort
  • Adjustable nozzle
  • Polyurethane MP valve
  • Soft-touch cover for larger purge zone
  • Lateral water inlets (to prevent the dynamic effect of water on the membrane)
  • Side-mounted Venturi control lever (Dive and Pre-Dive position) to prevent free-flow when the 2nd stage is not in use (e.g. when jumping into the water).
  • Side mounted adjustment wheel for breathing sensitivity
  • Large exhalation valve made of silicon
  • Compact exhalation deflector
  • Simple and easy to maintain
  • Tough casing

Octopus second stage

Identical to the second main stage except

  • Yellow housing for easier Identification
  • 92.5cm long yellow MP hose
  • No sensitivity adjustment
Use Air
1st Stage Piston
Super-Soft braided MP Hose
LP Ports 5
HP Ports 1
Connection Yoke
Balanced 2nd Stage
Venturi Control
Weight DIN (gr) 1280
Weight Yoke (gr) 1460
Standard EN 250-2014

100% made in France (Marseilles).

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