Beuchat Mundial Competition Speargun

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The Beuchat MUNDIAL Competition Speargun features an economical package for the avid spearfisher. Featuring a 28mm Aluminium Barrel and a Tahitian style 6.5mm Euro Shaft, this gun has been designed to achieve a highly accurate shot with a high-power shot suited to hunting those small to mid-range fish. The shaft attachment system is stainless steel and integrated with a removable module.

The articulated 16mm bands fitted with stainless steel wishbones are designed to load easily using ample power to reduce time and energy used reloading. The gun uses a closed muzzle design to further the ease of loading.

Beuchat 'Mundial Competition' Speargun Features:

  • 28mm Aluminium Barrel
  • Tahitian style 6.5mm Euro Shaft
  • Perfect for hunting mid-range fish
  • Articulated 16mm bands for ease of loading
  • Stainless steel wishbones
  • Closed muzzle

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