Beuchat Hero Revo Concept Aluminum Speargun

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BEUCHAT HERO REVO CONCEPT : Beuchat innovation that procures improved accuracy and increased power, and reduces recoil at the moment of firing.

Inverted mechanism : Stainless steel mechanism with inverted position that brings improved load power. Mechanism with short trigger travel for improved accuracy.

High range Hero pistol grip with reel bracket and reversible right/left stainless steel line release

Aluminum barrel with Integrated Rail Guide for increased accuracy

REVO CONCEPT muzzle pulleys on ball bearings.

High resistance 6,5mm diameter shaft with 1 welded fin and slide ring

16mm diameter fast-loading MEGATONNE power bands

1.6mm black mono-filament

Offshore shock-absorber

Spear speed at muzzle: 42m/s

100% made in France (Marseille).

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