Beuchat Hero Pacific Camo Aluminum Speargun

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The Beuchat Hero Pacific Camo Speargun is a feature packed open-muzzle speargun that clearly draws on Beuchat's unrivaled experience in the speargun world, being that George Beuchat invented the speargun as we know it today.   If you're looking for a nimble, agile, accurate and well priced open-muzzle speargun then the Hero should be one of your main considerations. The open-muzzle features stainless steel guide lines and a cellular structure to reduce weight, increase buoyancy and minimize drag.

The Beuchat Hero Speargun is great for every skill-level and is one of the best open-muzzle railguns for people looking to step out of an entry level gun and into something that instills fear in the fishes.  The full 316L stainless mech and cassette are the perfect combination with the Hero inverted handle that moves the mech 5cm further towards the butt to increase power without changing rubbers or speargun length.  

Ergonomically we could write for hours but the important bits are the supple and grippy elastomeric handle, easy access dual-side safety and load assisting devices like line guides and side fins.

Speargun comes equipped with one 16mm rubber band and a 6.5mm hardened stainless shaft with smooth sharkfins.


The Pacific model is only available in the USA and Australia and it comes equipped with a tuna clip on the handle and the tube is plugged with rubber stoppers.


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