Beuchat Espadon Sport Speargun

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  • The Beuchat Espadon Sport speargun is a versatile mid-level speargun that will impress you.

     Stainless steel mechanism
    • 25 mm diameter aluminum barrel for a perfect flotation
    • Entry level version and Sport version

    • New handle with a stainless steel mechanism
    • The trigger is based on the concept of the Arka Speargun
    • Large access to the trigger
    • 25mm diameter aluminum barrel for a perfect flotation
    • On the Espadon version, the handle is standard and the muzzle has been designed to accept one 13mm diameter band with a
    V wishbone and a 7mm diameter shaft with an M6 thread and an 8mm point
    • On the Espadon Sport version the handle has a soft grip. The new muzzle can receive a pair of 16mm bands and a V wishbone.
    The speargun is fitted with a 6mm black templed Tahitian shaft.

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