Beuchat Espadon Prestige wetsuit 7.0mm jacket and farmer john

Ultra-soft Elaskin X 8.8 neoprene Magic Camo camouflage Greater comfort (thermal protection, freedom of movement) Braca concept (Beuchat exclusive) Precut System (Beuchat exclusive) Anti-squeeze System


Magic Camo high performance camo. Selected natural color camouflage that only becomes visible in the water to conceal the presence of the spearfisher.


A spearfishing suit is used in the water, so a camouflage suit must be designed to be effective in the water
However, many spearfisher men and women would prefer apparel that is less conspicuous when they are out of the water
Our solution: Magic Camo

Additionally, to optimize the effect of concealment, we have selected two-tone pants to further break up the spearfisher’s silhouette.

Braca Concept

The Braca Concept is an exclusive Beuchat innovation that revolutionizes spearfishing apparel by offering a simple, effective, hygienic and invisible solution to the problem of how to pass water without removing your suit. And of course, the Braca Concept is totally watertight!

The PreCut System

With the PreCut System, both distributors and retailers now only need to stock a single line of adjustable pants to offer each of their customers the garment that they are looking for.

The PreCut System is an exclusive patent-protected Beuchat innovation that enables a long john style bottom to be transformed into proper waist cut pants in complete safety. It allows the long john to be modified quickly and simply without affecting the efficiency of the garment and without requiring any other correction.

Our designers have created a groove on the garment to represent an ideally positioned waistline that is as secure and straightforward when cut as on a ready-made garment. The PreCut System also includes anti-fray protection to ensure that the fabric will not unravel after the cut as well as reinforcement patches on the pants to secure the bonding seams.

Beuchat, inventor of the isothermal wetsuit

Georges Beuchat creator of the company was an emblematic pioneer of underwater activities. He naturally tried to protect himself from the cold during diving. This is the way that after several experimentations, led in the creeks of Marseille, he invents in 1953 the isothermal wetsuit.

This fundamental invention has played a key role in the development of underwater activities. And more than sixty years later, its bases remain valid although materials and methods evolved.

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