BEUCHAT Chest Loading pad

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Beuchat Chest Loading Pad Reinforcement

You don't need bruises on your chest to catch a fish. The Beuchat loading pad will make loading easier, safer, and faster, so you can focus on what matters: spearfishing.

Simply attach the Beuchat loading pad to your favorite wetsuit using your choice of neoprene glue to spend less effort loading your speargun and more effort fishing.

 • The Reinforcement is applied by gluing on the outfit to the height of the sternum to increase the thickness of the shield while loading rifle with slings.
 • The outside of this accessory has been designed to prevent the weapon from slipping on the foothold.
 • Simple and quick to apply, forever eliminating pain foothold.
 • There are more situations in which the suit is not enough to protect the sternum, especially when you are using powerful guns with slings or when the suit has a reduced thickness.
 • This reinforcement is designed to eliminate the pain felt carrying the powerful band guns facilitating this operation.
 • Furthermore, the anti-slip system outside the reinforcement prevents the rifle to move or slide. It is easy to apply and does not limit the flexibility of the suit.

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