Argos Stealth Booties 2mm

The Argos team created the Stealth to fit every curve and bend with every movement of your foot. Designed by divers for divers, the Stealth is simply the best soft-soled bootie on the market. Warranty Argos uses the finest materials available and adheres to the strictest quality control standards. Argos offers the original purchaser a limited 6 month warranty (from the date of purchase) on workmanship and materials. Argos will repair or replace (at their option) this product if found under normal use and proper care to be defective. Defective product should be returned clean and dry to the Argos dealer (Spear America).

Many people tried to copy our dive sock but all failed because it is not just the cut that separates us from the rest. We use multiple materials with different properties to ensure maximum comfort and durability. Please avoid copies. If the sock does not say "ARGOS" it is not an Argos.

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