Teak Sea Pal Speargun

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THE INDISPENSABLE COMPANIONPal has the versatility of conventional and pneumatic spearguns, although more silent, of superior range, impact and inertia for larger fish, while still displaying remarkable manoeuvrability thanks to its profiled barrel and precise balance.Pal 85 is thus performing equally well in waters with poor visibility, while using mixed fishing techniques (agachon, “indienne”, cave) requiring a sturdy spear (conger, big bass, groupers) or while hunting white fish in the swell with a surprising range for its length.Pal110 and since recently Pal120 have truly become a reference for agachon or open water fishing of snapper, amberjack, grouper and tropical species. It offers an amazing combination of power, manoeuvrability and accuracy.Pal100 is the versatility champion allowing coping with all situations: Bass or bream hunting in the channel, dentex and grouper hunting in Greece, Spain or in Croatia, agachon or cave hunting, even hunting in the Caribbean of barracuda, jacks and snappers

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