Teak Sea Hyperion Mid Handle Speargun Enclosed track

Hyperion is a bit all in one! It was designed to save the text in relation to Azimuth, while retaining sufficient maneuverability to hunt technique (eg Mediterranean) and accuracy adapted to fish no more than a few pounds, as dentex, the Gag grouper, grouper...Hyperion is thus positioned between Azimuth and Azimuth T8, the latter confirming its vocation tropical hunting with big impact, rather than being Hyperion for hunting very distant fish.To achieve this ambitious goal, Hyperion has the reverse mechanism, and is optimized for a 11/32 or 5/16 (8mm) shaft. Effective range with 4 bands is 20-25 feet. Hyperion also has phenomenal lateral movement due to its shape. It features the classic rear handle ambidextrous Azimuth, minimizing recoil and guarantees comfort and precision to either hand.Her naked body (about 2.7kg) is intermediate between Azimuth (2.2kg) and Azimuth T8 (3.3kg) and is powered by four bands 14mm easy to arm and provide smooth, creamy shot. The front counterweight keeps a perfect balance with or without booster, central counterweight enabling use of a thicker spear like a 11/32". Hyperion is proposed to date in a 115 true inshore canon, a 125 (spear 160cm) very handy light blue water, a 135 (spear 170cm) for more reach as well as 145 for true bluewater hunting.

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