Meandros Folding Multi Hook Extractor

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FOLDING HOOK EXTRACTING – MULTI HOOKFolding multi hook, innovating system for fish extracting from rocks and jammed spears. It includes 5 pieces ,with 2 equal-head waterproof stems with minimum negative buoyancy. Easy installation on the floating ballon and in the gun carrying bag, where the articles are arranged evenly in the case for the spears, and the parts in the relative pocket which is for trident,etc.Also with 3 multi-accessories for hooking pulling ,turning and moving of the fish as well as two side spanners for the tightening in the assembling process and the untightening of the folding hook.The 3 parts consist of the main hook with key and point.Fork with key. Spear extractor with patented graded slot.The most quality multi-system of easy and safe fish extraction.Necessary equipment for the fishing of groupers and others.Maximum length 1.85m+the length of the part.

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