Polespear Slip Tip

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TIP 17-4PH St Steel Quad Cut Break-away NEW Magnetic Feature! Unbreakable, unbendable, and simple. The 3” Heavy Duty razor sharp heat-treated tip features a magnetic attraction. Avoid the need for a clunky adapter when using this tip on your threaded shaft. No O-rings, cables to tuck, or tension required to hold the tip on. Slide the tip over the shaft, lock and load, and you’re ready to go with this simple design. A Quad-Cut razor sharp point ensures the 3” tip will penetrate easily. Used in conjunction with the Bermudian Polespear the tip cable end is attached to the front of the pole-spear (NOT THE SHAFT END) so the pull of the fish is on the pole-spear reducing the chances of bending the shaft drastically. Quickly slide the cable loop off the tip of the shaft when your speared fish is on the boat and slide on a new tip and you’re back in action in minutes!

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