Epsealon Striker speargun

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- Barrel dia.28mm aluminum 1.2mm anodized blue / red / or black with integral shaft guide.
- Integrally 316L stainless steel mechanism in one piece with openwork loading butt.
- Ergonomic and robust handle designed with ideal tilt angle and target line cleared.
- Muzzle with removable bridge and 2 holes for bands.
- Handle and muzzle made in nylon 6 loaded with 30% fiberglass for better resistance.
- Sandvik stainless steel shaft dia. 7mm with sharkfins (unique feature for the USA).
- Two rubber bands dia.16mm with dyneema wishbones.
- Ambidextrous Speargun equipped with Echo 30mt reel empty / muzzle bungee / monofilament.

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