Beuchat Explorer HD Bag

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Beuchat Explorer HD Bags 

HD : High Durability 

1000 deniers Tarpaulin material 

Assembled by high frequency welding for a perfect seal 

Rinse purge 

The wide U-shaped access offers great accessibility to the entire bag and allows to store, organize and find very easily its equipment. 

Moreover, the shape of the bag offers both great stability when storing the material inside and makes organizing storage easy. 

Zippered pocket for keys and/or papers under the flap to protect it from water. 

Volumes and dimensions: 

45 Liters: 55x40x30 cm 

90 liters: 75x40x30 cm 

114 liters: 95x40x30 cm 


45L: Black, Yellow 

90L: Black, Red, 

114L: Black, Kaki 

Part Number: 1448... 

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