Beuchat Marlin Pacific Revo Concept - Limited Edition 115

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Revo Concept:

An exclusive Beuchat innovation implementing muzzle pulleys combined with power band rigging and under-barrel recovery (patented design).

The concept produces increased propulsion along the entire length of the barrel giving improved accuracy, extra power, and much faster spear speeds. The system also significantly reduces recoil at the moment of shooting.

  • Profiled teak barrel with carbon insert for optimized rigidity and buoyancy
  • High range Marlin pistol grip with reel bracket and reversible right/left stainless steel line release
  • Muzzle pulleys on ball bearings with fast QRS spear locking system and titanium fairings

Shaft and bands

  • SUPER STEEL Tahitian shaft with GT (Gliding Tip) - 7 mm
  • Black rubber for Revo Concept
  • 1.6mm black mono-filament
  • Offshore shock-absorber

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