Beuchat 1Dive Woman - Overall 3mm

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1Dive suit: One piece with collar in 5mm or 3mm neoprene, perfect for warm or temperate water. Suit made of Eco-Friendly neoprene in colours matching with the 1Dive collection.


Product pluses:

• 1Dive - Complete product concept for dive centres.

• Modular concept.

• Eco-friendly Elaskin X 6.2 stretch neoprene

• Supratex 2 reinforcement

• Specific interior/outer markings with 1 colour per size.


1Dive one-piece with hood available in 3mm or 5mm, for men or women.

Eco-friendly Elaskin X 6.2 stretch neoprene (oil-free neoprene derived from limestone), bonded and stitched with edged finishing.

Anatomical cut ensuring maximum protection, ease of movement and comfort during dressing.

G-Lock diagonal front zip with underflap and end reinforcement.

Ankle zip on the 5mm version.

Scratch band collar with flap.

PU reinforcement on shoulders and hips and Supratex 2 on the knees.

Specific size markings (1 colour per size) on the arm and inside the suit, visible if the suit is turned inside out to dry.

“Dive signs” markings on sleeve for learners.

Colours: colours matching with the 1Dive collection

Available in men’s and women’s sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL.


Type Wetsuit
To use Temperate water
Neoprene Elaskin X 6.2
Reinforcements Supratex 2


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