Beuchat 7mm- 3Lugs Super Steel Tahitian with GT

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Unparalleled accuracy

5cm more accurate than a standard spear at 3 meters (10cm at 4 meters)

The spear glides further and has a straighter horizontal trajectory

More accurate spear guidance; the groove in the glide point acts as a stabilizer to prevent lateral movement of the spear

The downward-facing groove of the glide point expels water downward, creating lift which allows the spear to glide further


Longer range

30% further than an equivalent standard spea


Higher velocity

Clearly improved hydrodynamics: expels water downward, creating lift that allows the spear to fly faster


Very high perforation capability

Glide spear point with triface tip machined like a hypodermic needle

Spear penetrates deeper and at a higher velocity for a cleaner shot

Tested and approved by spear fishers and competition shooters on underwater targets

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