Meandros X-PRO Carbon Blades

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The Meandros blades are made to fit Pathos or other glue-in foot pockets on the market. Footpockets sold separately and available for purchase.

A revolutionary very well made Full Carbon fin that offers explosive reaction to every move. The X woven carbon (visible when one tilts the blade at an angle) ensures that all the power is released at the right point on the blade thus making every stroke of the leg effortless and ensures power strokes that will satisfy the most demanding diver.
These are revolutionary, extremely durable 100% carbon fin blades that offer explosive reaction to every stroke. These blades are made to fit Pathos or other glue-fit foot pockets on the market.
The blade measures at 76cm length and 20cm width thus making it just the right size for deep spearfishing or coastline fishing for many hours at end.

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